Interpure Bottle-less Coolers

With sleek exterior styling and a multi-stage purification system the Interpure 1 bottle-less water cooler represents an outstanding water solution for any office. Designed to be the top environmentally-friendly drinking water system for your workplace the Interpure proprietary system dispenses pure, clean drinking water, while reducing the environmental impact of bottled water systems.  The stylish outer design houses a proprietary microprocessor controlled system that delivers a continuous supply of hot and cold drinking water—perfect for any workplace. You’ll be able to use the Interpure bottleless cooler throughout the day, whether you want a cold, refreshing glass of water or hot water to make soup, hot chocolate or tea. The very helpful microprocessor LCD display provides great features such as temperature control, filter change indication, UV change indication and system performance monitoring making the Interpure bottle-less water cooler a convenient and very low maintenance bottle-less cooler solution.


Multi-Stage Interpure Purification Process

The Interpure’s dynamic purification system removes sediment, tastes, odors, and features ultraviolet disinfection to keep you healthy and provide pure high Interpure Bottl-less Water Coolerquality drinking water. The filter change and UV change indicators let you know when it is time for maintenance, so you don’t have to guess when the cooler needs to be tuned up.

Stage 1: Sediment Removal
Stage 2: Taste & Odor Removal
Stage 3: Ultraviolet Disinfection


Interpure 1 Bottle-less Water Cooler Features

• Floor Stand or Low Profile Counter-top Model
• Stylish Black/Platinum or All White Finish
• Sleek European Styling
• Illuminated Dispense Area (All White Finish only)
• Pure Touch Dispensing System
• Microprocessor Control
• Filter Change and UV Change Indication
• LCD Display
• System Performance Monitoring
• Energy Star Certified
• Maximum Dispensing Area for Large Containers
• High Capacity Performance
• Ultraviolet Disinfection
• Adjustable Leveling Feet
• Durable Heavy Gauge Powder Coated Steel Construction
• Large Drip Tray with Removable Screen
• Convenient Filter Change and Maintenance Access