Why Choose Bottle-less Water Cooler Service?


  • Save Money – Using a bottle-less water cooler is less expensive than paying for bottled water and eliminates the need to either go to the grocery store or pay for a water delivery service.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Bottle-less water coolers represent an eco-friendly system that provides a renewable, endless supply of fresh, purified, healthy drinking water at the touch of a button. By using a bottle-less water cooler service you have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment by eliminating bottled water delivery to your workplace.
  • Improved Water Quality and Taste – We offer bottle-less water cooler systems that significantly improve the quality and taste of water by using the latest purification technologies such as Activated Carbon Filtration, Sediment Removal, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV). This results in providing your office with a continuous, renewable supply of clean, pure, fresh and healthy drinking water.
  • Convenience – With one of our bottle-less water coolers you will have a refreshing, pure source of water without lifting, spilling or storing 5 gallon bottles or cases of bottled water. Gone will be the days or having to reorder water to be delivered or worry about running out of water. If you ever have an issue with your cooler or need a filter change call us and we’ll be there ASAP!
  • Sanitary – Our bottle-less water coolers provide water that is never exposed to contaminants in the air or touched by human hands.
  • Space Saving – Save valuable storage space with no more bulky water bottles to clutter up your office.